Hold this truth to be self-evident: That you are right.


Most debaters start with the intuition that their opinions are correct, and that anyone who disagrees is suffering under some unfortunate delusion. And let’s be honest here, folks: while Lit and Deb can and should be a bastion of social discourse and engagement, for many, it is a place to tell the other side why they’re wrong.

Nothing wrong with that, of course, and while I can’t make you any more correct, my job as Internal Convener is to make you sound like you are.

Tuesday night workshops are where we sharpen our rhetorical blades, loosen our oratorical tongues, and learn how to give any fool who opposes us a good argumentative thrashing. Put simply, come to workshops and you’ll never lose another argument.

Workshops are divided into two sections: Public Speaking and Competitive Debating. Public Speaking workshops will teach you the performance element of communication, from body language to tone of voice to the art of rhetoric. This is not just a debating skill, but one we all need throughout our lives.

Competitive Debating formalises debating into a game, with assigned motions and positions. These workshops will teach you the rules of the game and how to win it, allowing you to compete in Ireland’s thriving intervarsity circuit throughout the year. So come along to our workshops, every Tuesday night.

Afterwards, we might even bring you to the pub, if you’ve been good.

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