Everyone has opinions, but what good are these opinions if we can’t form them alongside those of others, structure our own and express them to the world. Fear of public speaking, or glossophobia, is estimated to affect 75% of adults so 75% are hampered from shaping solutions to the problems they see around them. Lit & Deb offers workshops to help students join the 25% but we are foolish if we think we can stand up, spout our infallible opinions and not have to engage with those who disagree. If you are scared of public speaking, debating with others is probably above and beyond what seems possible.

Debating is an easy and fun way to overcome all of this; helping you to structure informed opinions and engage with others. Developing this gives you an invaluable skill, the ability to argue (useful if you have roommates, and very useful if you’re staying with family). Each week Workshop and Main Business events give members the opportunity to learn from seasoned debaters and practice the art of debate. Intervarsity competitive debating hones these skills and helps gives cause to a professional recognition that debaters are engaging, structured and clear thinkers and capable leaders.

While this flurry of rhetoric is much more fun in reality than imagination, the flurry turns into something a little less formal once the gavel’s been ‘gaveled’. After every round, we leave the arguments behind us and get to know plenty of new and interesting people from around the world. Debating is thought-provoking and informative as well as entertaining. At the heart of it all though are a bunch of lovely people and plenty of good craic that leaves success stories wish they were still in college.

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