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Lit’n’deb wants to be a welcoming Society and we realise that the environment can sometimes be strange to newcomers and guests. We hope that this page will answer most frequently asked questions. If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


How do I sign up to the mailing list?

Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your email address in the box marked “Subscribe to our Newsletter”. We hate spam as much as you do and won’t give/sell your details and you should only get one email every month or so.

Where can I park my car?

NUI Galway is famed for its strict clampers. However they do not operate after 6pm on Weekdays and not at all on weekends. There are also pay-and-display parking spaces in some of the car parks in the centre of campus.

Further details can be found on the NUIG SU website

Are debates open to members of the public?

Yes! The society is happy to welcome everyone to our events. Certain events may be ticketed details will be made available nearer the time.

How much money does the Society have?

Never enough. As a general rule the society ends each year with the same amount it starts. Accounts are published with the Societies Office in NUI Galway.

Where do my donations go?

Donations of any size are appreciated and can be made through the paypal donate button below. Donations will go towards getting speakers to Galway and hosting them while here.

Additionally, donations may be spent on event promotion. If you would like your donation directed towards something specific please let us know when donating.

How much money do speakers cost?

We don’t usually pay speakers fees but we do accommodate guests when appropriate by covering travel expenses, providing a meal, and a hotel room overnight.

Why do you sometimes invite people with offensive views?

The Society was founded on the basic principles of free speech and open debate. From time to time we invite highly controversial figures to address the Society because we feel that an open debate where both sides are fairly represented is the best way to discuss contentious issues.

What happens if someone is being abusive or disrespectful during a debate?

As a debating society it is important that we maintain an open forum where all views can be expressed freely. It is inevitable that some of these views will contradict and even offend others. In these cases there is little we can do.

However in the case where the house rules are being disrespected, or where a speaker is being verbally abused, or outwardly insulted, the offender will be warned by the Auditor to cease their behaviour. If they fail to comply they will be escorted out of the venue by the Clerk of the House.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our guests and visitors feel safe, and comfortable discussing even the most sensitive issues, and thus we have a zero tolerance policy for disrespectful behaviour.

How can I speak in a debate?

To be a main speaker please contact the auditor at auditor@literaryanddebating.com for more information.
Anyone can speak when the debate is opened to the audience by just raising their hands when asked to do so.

Can I stay during Private Members Time even if I'm not a member?

Yes. Private Members Time or PMT, is the time prior to main business when an informal debate is held on the floor. Despite the name, anyone can listen or take part in the debate, whether or not they are a registered member of the society. In fact, we encourage non members to take part, as it often brings new points of view, and opinions to the floor.

I'm a reporter and would like to obtain press access to your upcoming event and interview one of your guests. Is that possible?

The Society is happy to assist members of the press, provided requests are made and cleared in advance. Those wishing to obtain a press pass to an event should contact the Public Relations Officer. Reporters or photographers appearing without prior notice may be refused entry. Requests to interview guests of the Society should be directed to the Public Relations Officer and will be accommodated when possible provided that the guest is agreeable to such requests. Additionally, photographers are asked to respect the directions of the Public Relations Officer concerning shooting locations during our events. Pool photographs may be available for some events. The Public Relations Officer can be contacted at pro@literaryanddebating.com

I'm a historian and have an interest in some of the records that I think the Society might have. Can you help me?

The James Hardiman Library at NUI Galway holds the records of the Society is their Special Collections. We recommend contacting them (library.nuigalway.ie) but also informing the Society of your intensions out of respect.

There's an upcoming debate that I don't want to miss out on. Can I reserve a seat?

If you are a member of the press, please contact the Public Relations Officer, and we will try and accommodate your needs.

If you are a member of the public, we are afraid that we cannot reserve seats for you, and can only recommend that you arrive early. If an event is ticketed, you may be able to purchase a ticket which will ensure that you will be allowed entrance. If you wish to enquire about whether an event will be ticketed or not, please contact the Public Relations Officer.

I want to attend a ticketed event, where do I get tickets?

Tickets will be available at the Socs Box in Aras na Mac Leinn.

If you are from outside of Galway and wish to attend a ticketed event, but cannot come to the Sox Box to obtain a ticket, please contact The Public Relations Officer, and we will try and accommodate to your needs.

Meetings of the Society

  •  Main debates are usually held on a Thursday evening, starting at 7pm (ish) in the Kirwan Theatre for most of the weeks of each semester. A calendar of events can be found here.
  •  Speaker development workshops are held on Tuesday evenings, 7pm, at varying locations depending on availability. Check the calendar for locations.
  •  Other extraordinary meetings may be held on other days depending upon the availability of speakers. Changes to the norm are advertised heavily in advance.

If you are interested in helping the Society document its history, please get in contact with the auditor


If we have missed any questions in the adjacent list, or you have anything at all you’d like to ask, please do not hesitate to contact us by whatever means suits you.

Did we miss a question? Let us know!
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