Current Committee

The Lit & Deb is administered by a committee, elected by members at its most recent AGM.

The chief officer of the society is the auditor, who chairs the society’s meetings and has general responsibility for its affairs. The society’s constitution establishes several other offices. The Vice-Auditor and Treasurer make up the remainder of the executive and two secretaries (Recording Secretary & Debates Secretary) along with four conveners (Internal, External, Schools’ & Literary), the Public Relations Officer and the Clerk of the House constitute the remainder of the elected committee. The Auditor may then appoint members to the committee at their discretion.

The Auditor of the 171st session will appoint up to two Deputy Schools Conveners and two Ordinary Committee Members.


Our Auditor

171 – Mark Graydon (1st BA)

“I’d be perfectly OK with the children being devoured by wolves”

Ultimately, the Auditor takes overall responsibility for the success of a Session. It is the Auditor’s role to chair meetings, manage the Committee, oversee all of the Society’s work and act as the Society’s public face.



Our Vice Auditor

171 – Seán-Conor Harvey

“the Bees”

The Vice-Auditor’s role is to assist the Auditor in overseeing the Society and facilitating the Committee’s work.


Our Treasurer

171 – Neringa Juriente (2nd BSc)

“I think you need to stop talking now.”

The Treasurer is in charge of Society funds and is responsible for the budgeting of funds to cover the Session’s work. 


Our Recording Secretary (Rec Sec)

171– Paschal Mac Giolla Channaigh (3rd BSc)

 “Is anyone else apprehensive about this?”

The Recording Secretary records each Main Business event, regales the assembled masses with tales of times just past and enters our faults and failings into the annals of history.


Our Debates Secretary

171 – Michael Taylor (1st BA)

“is it bad etiquette to be on the phone in the taxi? oh, i’m wearing a suit. never mind, it’ll be fine.”

The Debates Secretary is responsible for the success of the Society’s Main Business events; inviting guests and organizing the particulars of the event.


Our Schools’ Convenor

171 – Daniel Emmet Ó Laocha (1st BCL)

“DON’T GET US WRONG, we CONDONE terrorism”

The Schools’ Convenor runs the Western Schools’ workshops and competition and engages with schools all over the Wesht of Ireland to encourage and support debate and public speaking.

Our External Convenor

171 – Karolina S. M. Kempa (1st BCL)

“I know how to snap a neck”

The External Convenor organises the Society’s involvement in Inter-varsity competitions; registering teams and sifting through accommodation and travel bookings.


Our Internal Convenor

171 – Laura Murray (1st BA)

“My Marxist feminist dialectic brings all the boys to the yard”

The Internal Convenor is the moulder of minds and the hardener of hearts; running the Society Workshops during the academic year and coaching members in the art of oratory.


 Our Literary Convenor

171 – Johannes Evans (1st BFS)

“The fish aren’t wearing clothes, why should we?”

The Literary Convenor is responsible for editing and publishing the society’s magazine, the College Annual, as well as organising literary events throughout the year.


Our Public Relations Officer (PRO)

171 – Rachel Lennon (Final LLB)

“If only a straight man would hit on me”

The Public Relations Officer is tasked with coordinating the societies publicity campaign.  


Our House Clerk

171 – Senan Crawford (2nd BCL)

“This room has no integrity.”

The House Clerk’s role is to maintain order during Society meetings; booking and setting up venues, timing speeches and expelling those unwilling to respect House rules.



Our Social Secretary

171 – Evelyn Burke (1st Public Policy)

“Am I not allowed go on dates? I’m hoping for more dates with a few other boys tbh”

The Social Secretary’s role is to organise all of the Society’s social functions from the traditional Christmas Party to post-debate celebrations in Murty Rabbittes. The Social Secretary also works closely with the Public Relations Officer to further promote the society.


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