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The College Annual (U.C.G.) has been published since 1902 and entrusted to the society since 1914. It acts as a type of university yearbook; an overview of college life with particular interest in societies.

Later years saw this publication focus more on Lit & Deb’s scene and was replaced for some years by another publication, Literary & Debauched. The 169th session will renew the Annual although the balance between general college life and debating ville will take some time to recall.

Below you will find some copies of the U.C.G and Literary & Debauched. More will follow and tradition will continue into aspiration.






Now Available.

The great Australian philosopher Johnny Logan once said ‘what’s another year?’ Or at least once sang. Although, he more than likely says that sentence every time he introduces the song, and he almost certainly said it the first time Shay Healy handed him the lyrics sheet. The answer to that question is ‘an additional period of 365 or 366 days, in the Gregorian calendar’. But that probably wasn’t what Shay or Johnny were looking for. You get the idea they were thinking less literally and more philosophically (however, if that wasn’t the case, ‘you’re welcome Shay and Johnny’ ). It’s amazing the difference a year can make. For instance, 12 months ago there was no Lit and Deb Annual, while this year there is one. You can’t deny it. You are holding it in your hand. As such, even before you’ve had a chance to assess the quality of the material, you cannot but count this publication as a victory. Nevertheless, resting on our laurels is not something we like to do in Lit and Deb. Rest on a bean bag – possibly. Rest on a chaise longue – certainly. But never on our laurels. As such, I am excited to introduce some very fine articles. It is the 20th anniversary of Lit and Deb breaking the world debating record, and we have three pages devoted to the event. And Ciara Moloney and Thomas Creamer have contributed two excellent articles on Harry Potter and Bernie Sanders respectively. There is also tons of information about the society and how to get involved. It was a lot of fun putting this together and I am sure that you will enjoy it. If you don’t, at least it’s free.


College Annual Cover







If anyone has anything to contribute to this list, or wants to format the .doc files properly email us.

Here doth lie the remains of the litndeb annuals of the past, there will soon be more.

Earlier Annuals than those available here, published in full, can be found in the Special Collections Reading Room of the James Hardiman Library at the University.

There are some extra notes dating back over 100 years below.

These notes have been graciously supplied by former auditor, Mark Hanniffy (2002-2003).

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