The Literary and Debating Society is very proud of its alumni, buoyed and bolstered by support from past members and HLMs and honored to be the the descendents of such jesuitical orators.

This site is a way to welcome you back to your society. We are quite aware that our strength lies in your shoulders as much as the ingenuity of our enthusiastic undergrads.

2017 will see the relaunch of our alumni association and the reintegration of an alumni dinner into our calendar. This is cause for great enthusiasm in the current committee.

Content from the old site has been moved across so there is plenty here to explore.

UCG College Annuals from 1996-2003

Minutes of meetings from 2004 to present

Photos dating back to the 154th session



Earlier Annuals than those available here, published in full, can be found in the Special Collections Reading Room of the James Hardiman Library at the University. If you have any photos that you’d like us to upload, feel free to contact us.

Alumni are welcome to request additions to this page, or anything else that is possible for webmaster to do. Email the PRO

Please make contact at by letter or phone (care of the university societies’ office) or email

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